Illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances & HFCs


With the EU ODS and HFC phase-down set out in the F-gas Regulation, a steady increase of smuggling is observed in EU with the low risks and high profits making the illegal trade especially attractive to criminal networks5  . The PERIVALLON multimodal analytics will process the textual content to identify key named entities and concepts that are potentially relevant to the illicit sale of ODS and HFCs. At the same time, visual content will be analysed for the automatic detection of objects of interest. Trend analysis as well as predictive analytics will allow for a better understanding of how the illegal trade of ODS and HFCs is evolving over time. The acquired data, including X-ray scanners on-site, will be analysed for detecting and recognising potential risks. All the collected data will be automatically correlated and if a threat is detected, an alarm will be raised in the Monitoring Centre of the PERIVALLON platform.


LEA’s intelligence team will employ the PERIVALLON multimedia and multilingual extraction and analytics services from Web marketplaces to automatically discover and analyse content. X-ray scanners installed in focal points in borders (fixed scanners) or carried by the border authorities (portable scanners) will detect (concealed) objects within a cargo. This information will be provided to experienced investigators to support their decision for further on-site investigation (e.g. manual inspection).