Transnational illegal trafficking of waste electronic and electrical equipment


The impacts of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) or e-waste on public health and the environment are a growing global concern, with illegal shipments of e-waste from EU member states to third countries being a complex and serious environmental crime


The combination of several sources of information will aim to identify different types of e-waste, volume, quantities, and to monitor relevant waste streams over time, as a result of the detection of smuggling routes and dark ships. PERIVALLON capabilities, namely OSINT and AIS data as well as the use of Copernicus Sentinel imagery (mainly Sentinel-2 for detecting smuggling routes and Sentinel-1 for detecting “dark” ships) will allow the effective and efficient detection, identification, and prevention of smuggling and shipment of e-waste.

 The PERIVALLON platform will provide the technical capability to monitor the quantities and flows of e-waste from several smuggling routes by correlating multimodal information obtained from heterogeneous sensors and online sources.